Our Amazing Director Kicking Some Cancer Ass!

So it's in my brain. Breast cancer in my brain. There's no preparing yourself for that one. The debilitating, crippling fear that you might not come out of this as yourself is honestly one of the most terrifying things I've dealt with yet. BUT, we handle it, like we do everything else. We hold our heads high and let nurses screw halos into our skulls because there is nothing left to do but move forward. And hopefully, we get more time and more laughs and more cats and more moments that prove to us that it's all worth it. And that is why #stageivneedsmore. Also I'm now a seasoned gamma knife radiation queen 👑, in case anyone finds themselves facing it in the future. Please know you're #neveralone

And the guy on the right is just jealous of how fucking fly I look.

Thanks to my @chicago_breasties and The Breasties for surrounding me so immediately with care (@sydd_2611 especially) and support, thanks to everyone who reached out, and thanks to @stp_jimjam for being the best husband and human of the century. Love you long, lonnnnng time 😘

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