Health Update!

From Melissa:

I guess a little update never hurt because most of my last communication with people was "I'm in the hospital," and that's not a nice way to leave someone hanging. I've done 5 different types of chemo, 3 different hormonal therapies, and radiation therapy to my breast and sacrum, a double mastectomy and personally, y90 is THE most grueling and shitty treatment yet. I made it through almost a week before the side effects of uncontrollably 🤮🤮🤮 and not eating and intense organ pain landed me a 2 night stay at chez #prenticewomenshospital. Thankfully I'm home. And resting. Sort of. Because you can plan for 2 surgical procedures and a wake and a funeral (that is a whole different heartbreaking story), but sometimes life just hits you with more unexpected shit. At least I have an amazing support system and access to some incredible care. Here's to this week being better. And if you have a partner or friend or parent (I hate the word care taker) in your life, @stp_jimjam , squeeze 'em tight because they are the real mvps! 🤟

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