A 23-year-old woman’s pretty funny,
slightly sad, powerfully emotional
guide to breast cancer


About Ginger

Ginger Mathis is a recent college grad with a passion for life but an aversion to reality. Working a less-than-ideal job and dating a not-so-great guy, Ginger isn’t sure what direction her life is headed in. When she’s suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer, Ginger struggles to balance her illness, her treatment, and all the complicated components of her totally unsettled life.

Ginger was inspired by co-director Melissa Boratyn’s ongoing battle with breast cancer. The goal of the film is to hopefully make cancer suck just a little bit less.



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Director’s Statement

I was 23 years old

when I noticed a small lump in my breast. My doctor told me not to worry. It was probably just a cyst.

One week later, I got the call that the “cyst” was actually an aggressive form of breast cancer.

After a grueling year of chemotherapy and radiation, I had lost a sense of identity after shaving my shoulder length red hair. I no longer trusted my body, but I anticipated that the worst of my cancer experience was behind me.


I was 25 years old

when my cancer came back. I decided to remove both breasts to ensure that this would be my last time dealing with this disease.

While I planned my double mastectomy, surgeons said nothing about the possibility of the cancer spreading into other parts of my body after the surgery!


I was 28 years old

when I was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.


This is
my story.

Read Melissa’s full statement here.


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